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14-Day Warranty on Phone Repair
14-Day Warranty on iPhone Back Glass Laser Repair
$80 for iPhone11 Repairs
Mobile phone repair service
Mobile phone repair service


Providing a Professional Electronic Repair Service at a Fair Price

When it comes to smartphone and tablet repairs, you need a specialist you can depend on to deliver a fast and professional electronic repair service. At GreatWon, LLC, I pride myself on my excellent pricing and the high quality of my work. Whether you have an iPhone, Google Pixel, or iPad, I can handle repairs on various generations of these devices. Based in GreatWon, LLC, GA, I provide the following solutions:

About My Offerings

iPhone Repair (11, 13 & XR) 

If your iPhone 11, 13, or XR is not working as it should, let me provide you with a top-notch phone repair service. I address screen issues, speakers, cameras, home buttons, and microphones. Do not let malfunctioning components ruin your day.  
iPad Repair (7th to 9th Generations)

iPad Repair (7th to 9th Generations)

If your iPad is experiencing issues, bring it to me. I handle everything from screen repairs to internal component fixes, guaranteeing your tablet performs seamlessly. I have you covered, whether it is a cracked screen, battery problem, or another issue.
iPad Screen Repair

iPad Screen Repair

In addition to my phone screen replacement service, I am providing iPad screen repair services. I can make your device look brand new. I use precision tools and high-quality replacement parts to ensure a flawless finish. 
Google Pixel Phone Repair

Google Pixel Phone Repair 

Are you experiencing issues with your Google Pixel phone? I specialize in Google Pixel products, ensuring your devices get the attention they need to function perfectly. From internal fixes to minor touchups, I use advanced techniques to achieve superb results. 
Google Pixel Screen Repair

Google Pixel Screen Repair

A damaged screen can make your phone unusable. I specialize in Google Pixel and iPhone screen replacement and can have your devices looking and working like new in no time. Get back to using your phone without any hassles! 
Battery Repair

Battery Repair

If your phone or tablet is not holding a charge like it used to, the battery might need repairs. I offer excellent solutions for various models, including iPhones, iPads, and Google Pixels. Do not let weak batteries slow you down – visit me for a fast replacement! 
iPhone Back Glass Repair 

iPhone Back Glass Repair

I can ensure that your phone’s back looks pristine and remains protected, just like when you first got it. I use a laser machine to perform the work. I provide a 14-day warranty on the job and guarantee superb results.

Why Choose My Shop

As a local and Black-owned business in GreatWon, LLC, GA, GreatWon, LLC is a shop many clients use. I am committed to providing long-lasting repairs that restore people’s devices to optimal condition. My dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in my quick, reliable service and numerous positive testimonials. I am also offering amazing specials, warranties, and free estimates. Call me now to learn the rest of the perks of working with me.

About the Process

Whether you need a phone battery replacement or back glass laser repair, I make the process as smooth and convenient as possible. When you bring your items to me, I will carefully assess the damage and provide you with a clear explanation of the necessary work. I specialize in various jobs and can fix speakers, cameras, buttons, and more. You can schedule an appointment in advance and benefit from excellent discounts.

The Areas I Cover

I proudly serve people throughout GreatWon, LLC, GA and within the 500-mile radius. Here are some of the cities where my customers come from:

  • Pine Lake, GA
  • Snellville, GA
  • Norcross, GA
  • Conyers, GA
  • College Park, GA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Stone Mountain, GA

I aim to ensure your device looks and functions like new so you can return to using it without any hassle. Reach GreatWon, LLC now to get started!


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by Walter J. Souza on GreatWon, LLC
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I was rushing to a client meeting when my iPhone 13 slipped out of my hand and hit the pavement. The screen shattered into a web of cracks, making it difficult to read messages and emails. Panicking about the upcoming presentation, I quickly searched for a reliable phone screen replacement shop in the area and found your place. I called and was pleased to hear you could replace the screen the same day. I booked an appointment and headed over to the shop. You replaced my screen in no time, and it looked as good as new. I highly recommend your company to anyone needing a quick repair service. 

Services List

  • iPhone 11 Repair
  • iPhone 13 Repair
  • iPhone XR Repair
  • iPad Repair (7th to 9th Generations)
  • iPad Screen Repair
  • Google Pixel Phone Repair
  • Google Pixel Screen Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • iPhone Back Glass Repair
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